Pia Wurtzbach Criticized and Bashed by Netizens for Showing Her Support to Spain

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach shows her support to different cause via Social Media. [Image Credit: piawurtzbach/Instagram]

Two Terrorist Attacks

Two ISIS attacks happened in Spain last Thursday, August 17 that killed 14  and injured almost 100 people.

People all over the world sent their support to the country, including Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach. However, netizens were not happy with what she posted.

Netizens bashed Pia for posting a sympathy message for Spain. [Image Credit: piawurtzbach/Instagram]

They accused the beauty queen of allegedly “prioritizing” the terrorist attack in Barcelona and Cambrils, Spain rather than addressing the issues in the Philippines.

The beauty queen turned to Instagram and posted a message of sympathy over the recent terrorist attack in the two locations in Spain.

Instead of gaining sympathy, people were angry. [Image Credit: piawurtzbach/Instagram]

Country First Before Others

However, instead of getting the same sympathy and prayers from the netizen, the 27-year old beauty titlist received heavy criticism from people.

Pia Wurtzbach edited her post. She clarified that she is indeed aware of the issues that the country is facing and she’s also praying for the incidents in the country too.

She edited the post after. [Image Credit: piawurtzbach/Instagram]
“PS Please don’t think I’m unaware of the situation in the Philippines also.  #PrayForThePhilippines #PrayForMarawi”

The Maute Group who claimed that ISIS is behind them is continuously having a clash with the government. There are extrajudicial killings from the War on Drugs which involve not only civilians but politicians too.

Some Netizens thanked Pia for the update she made in her post. Others also asked the bashers to stop criticizing the beauty queen.

Terrorist Attacks

With the recent terrorist attacks in the world, a lot of celebrities and prominent names in the world are seeking the participation and attention of people to join forces and be aware of what is happening.

What can you say about these happenings? How do you think it will be stopped?

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