Pinay OFW from Dubai Who is 9 Months in Coma Miraculously Woke Up

Do you believe in miracles?

Perlie Almonte is now in the Philippines in the arms of her family. [Image Credit: Perlie Basco/Facebook]

  • Perlie Almonte was found unconscious in the bathroom of her house.

  • She was diagnosed with intracerebral hemorrhage that caused her brain tissues to bleed.

  • Miraculously, she woke up after 9 months in coma

Miracles happen. It can happen anytime, any day, anywhere. This happened to an overseas Filipino worker who was already in a 9-month coma with very slim chances of surviving.

Perlie went to Dubai to give a brighter future for her kids. [Image Credit: Perlie Basco/Facebook]

What Happened to Perlie Almonte?

Perlie Almonte, a 36-year-old Pinay working as an OFW in Dubai, has finally returned to her family in the Philippines last September 3. She spent her two years staying at the Rashid Hospital in Dubai.

Almonte worked as a supervisor for a courier company in Dubai when she was found unconscious in the bathroom of her house last April 18, 2015. She was immediately rushed to Rashid Hospital to receive some treatment.

Being in coma is the hardest part of the situation. [Image Credit: Perlie Basco/Facebook]

No Assurance

The Head of the Critical Care Department, Dr. Zeyad Al Rais, found out that she has intracerebral hemorrhage which caused her brain tissues to bleed. This resulted in a deadly stroke and 9-month comma for Almonte.

Her family did not give up. [Image Credit: Perlie Basco/Facebook]

After nine months in bed with no assurance of waking up, Almonte opened her eyes January last year. To fully recover from what happened to her, the doctors had to give her neurological rehabilitation and intensive active physiotherapy.

Still experiencing difficulties in speaking, Almonte was very happy to come back to the arms of her family. She stated that the first thing she would like to do is to hug her two kids.

Challenging but Encouraging

The first thing she wants to do is to hug her two kids. [Image Credit: Perlie Basco/Facebook]

During her interview with Gulf News, she described her experience as challenging but encouraging. She expressed her gratitude to the doctors and nurses of Ward 26, Dr. Zeyad, Rey Angulo, and the people of the church who treated her as if she is a part of their own.

Perlie and her family believe that faith helped her survive. [Image Credit: Perlie Basco/Facebook]

Prayers are strong and Perlie Almonte’s case can prove that. What do you think about what happened? Do you believe that prayers can really solve anything?

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