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LOOK: Woman undergoes 200 surgeries to resemble ‘Wonder Woman’

Pixee Fox spent nearly $830,000 to resemble her favorite cartoon character

Pixee Fox and her 16 inch waistline
Pixee Fox and her 16 inch waistline

  • Pixee Fox removed her 6 ribs – three from each side to achieve tiny waist
  • Pixee Fox claims to be the first woman in the world to remove 6 ribs

Pixie Fox is currently going viral after undergoing 200 cosmetic procedures to resemble a fictional hero – ‘Wonder Woman’

­We’ve all had our childhood fantasies of becoming or looking like our favorite superhero one day. Surprisingly, a woman from North Carolina dared to go extreme and decided to be one.

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Sure, plastic surgeries does great wonders not only physically – but to also boost self-confidence – to those who has low self-esteem. It has been the top solution of men and women to enhance something on their body.

Pixee Fox photo via Instagram
Pixee after Plastic Surgery Fox photo via Instagram

The Pixee Fox’s surgery is quite disturbing and made a stir on the internet.

“For me, it’s creating a sculpture with my body and I am making a science history”

Pixee Fox is a certified plastic surgery addict. She spent nearly $830,000 of 200 surgeries to resemble Wonder Woman. She even flew to India to have her eye colour changed in a dangerous operation that is not performed in Europe or America.

Fox has piqued the interest of viewers and people from the internet after his interview with This Morning.

“The first thing I have done is my nose, my breast, and my eyelids. I knew from the beginning I wanted to have a lot of work done but it was a process for me to really dare to go to that extreme.’ – Pixee Fox

Since she got rid of her ribs, wearing a corset is no longer needed but her organs would be vulnerable if she got hit in the side.

Pixee Fox and her 16 inch waistline
Pixee Fox and her 16 inch waistline

Weird as it may sound, Pixee Fox said she’s had so many surgeries that she’s now inventing her own.


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