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Prayers for Will: Wil Dasovich Diagnosed with Cancer

Prayers go to Will Dasovich. [Image Credit: wil_dasovich/Instagram]

  • Popular vlogger and former PBB housemate Wil Dasovich was diagnosed with cancer.

  • He wants to live a long life and is happy on how he lived his life.

  • Wil expressed his gratitude to everyone who supported him.

Prayers for Wil

Travel vlogger and former Pinoy Big Brother contestant Wil Dasovich was diagnosed with cancer. His most recent Youtube blog which he called the “most important blog” revealed that he has been diagnosed with cancer.

Life is Important

The 11-minute video started with Wil stating that everyone would like to get a long life and how important it is for him to live his life.

“I think everyone wants to live a long life. I would like to live a long life. But what’s more important to me is how I live my life,” he said at the start of his blog.

Wil broke the news that he is currently in the US for medication. [Image Credit: wil_dasovich/Instagram]
Dasovich is currently in the United States where he is currently undergoing a series of medical checkups after he experienced internal bleeding. His newest blog entry showed his life as a travel blogger and his adventures in Southeast Asia.

Gratitude to Everyone Who Supported Him

The 25-year-old vlogger expressed his gratitude to all the people he met and shared his journey, especially to people who supported his vlog.

“This was the ultimate reason I chose to stay in the Philippines: the never ending smiles, the continuous laughter, overwhelming hospitality, the resilience to stay positive no matter the situation,” Wil Dasovich said.

Wil Dasovich started the popular “blog squad” of the Philippines [Image Credit: wil_dasovich/Instagram]
He also thanked the Philippines for “the never-ending smiles, the continuous laughter, overwhelming hospitality, and the resilience to remain positive no matter the situation.”

Are you satisfied with the way you’ve lived your life and have you maximized your experiences? My answer to that question is yes. And that’s why I’m content with my condition and the hardships I face,” he stated.

He is known by a lot of people due to his quirkiness and fun attitude. [Image Credit: wil_dasovich/Instagram]
Before he became a successful vlogger, Dasovich tried his hand on hosting, modeling, and acting. He appeared in a few episodes from Bubble Gang.

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