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When Puberty Hits You Hard: From an Awkward Girl to a Gorgeous Woman

She Used to be called “The Ugly Duckling”, But look at her now!

From being bullied to being praised. [Image Credit: Aleksis Corbi/Facebook]

  • Aspiring flight attendant won the hearts of Netizen after posting her transformation.

  • She revealed that she was teased when she was a child because of her skin color.

  • Aleksis also said that she did not undergo any surgery to change her looks.

Image Credit: Aleksis Corbi/Facebook

From an Ugly Duckling to a Swan

Aspiring flight attendant Aleksis Corbo captured not just the attention of netizens but also their hearts because of her amazing transformation. Her photos and social media accounts are now rounding online with the famous line “How Puberty Changed her Looks” and “When Puberty Hits You Hard.”

Aleksis Corbo, real name Alexis C. Salita, is a Tourism Management student from the De La Salle University-Dasmarinas.

Image Credit: Aleksis Corbi/Facebook

According to her, she never used any whitening supplements (which are very common now) or she underwent any surgery to enhance her looks.

Not a Good Childhood Story

According to Aleksis, she did not go outside their house after receiving insults from people who call her “negra.” The Cavitena took the internet by storm after she posted a series of her photos from childhood to present day.

Image Credit: Aleksis Corbi/Facebook

Netizens compared her to famous actress Liza Soberano who is dubbed as the most beautiful actress in the country today.

This is Alexis when she was just younger and being mocked by people around her.

She revealed that she was a shy girl growing up.

Image Credit: Aleksis Corbi/Facebook

People kept on calling her “negra” because of her skin color.

Image Credit: Aleksis Corbi/Facebook

This is how Alexis looks today.

Image Credit: Aleksis Corbi/Facebook

She transformed from a regular kid to a gorgeous woman.

Image Credit: Aleksis Corbi/Facebook

Even if people were constantly telling her that she underwent surgery and other enhancers to change her looks, Alexis remains stronger.

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