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    EXCITING: First IKEA store in the Philippines will be in Cavite

    In a recent post by, her Swedish source has confirmed the first IKEA Philippines store location. The store will be opening within a year’s time. IKEA is an international furniture brand that sells ready-to-assemble furniture, home accessories, and kitchen appliances. It is also company known for its modernist designs for various types of appliances […] More

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    LOOK: Out with the Old Marlou Arizala, In with New Xander Ford: New Face Revealed in Rated K

    Marlou underwent plastic surgery not only to enhance his looks but to boost his confidence. Other than his facial enhancement, the New Xander Ford also underwent a series of makeovers. It is already the second week after his surgery and people cannot wait to see the new Xander Ford. After the pictures of Marlou Arizala […] More

  • The World's Oldest Person Alive Turns 120 Years Old



    LOOK: The World’s Oldest Person Alive Turns 120 Years Old

    Francisca Susano, 120 years old, oldest person alive She says her secret to long life is her fondness for fresh vegetables. Francisca Susano, born on September 11, 1897, could be the oldest person alive. She was a year older than the Philippine Independence and she also survived two world wars. Susano, of Kabankalan, Negros Occidental, […] More

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    Who is Xander Ford and Where is Marlou Arizala?

    Did Marlou Arizala Underwent Facial Surgery? He’s set to go under the knife; say goodbye to Marlou. Hello Xander; new face, brighter career? What’s to be expected with this new chapter in Marlou Arizala’s life? Numerous photos of him was seen throughout the internet wearing a hospital gown and his face especially his nose and […] More

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    HOT: Marlou’s New Face: Marlou Arizala is Now Xander Ford

    Former Hasht5 member underwent a surgery to improve his facial features. He posted a status saying a brand new person will arrive soon. Marlou created a new Facebook page named “Xander Ford” and stated that he is now changing his name. The former Hasht5 member, Marlou Arizala, set the online world abuzz after releasing a […] More

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    LOOK: Ahron Villena Nude Photo Scandal Leaked

    Ahron Villena Nude Photo Scandal Ahron Villena was linked to an alleged viral Instagram nude photo scandal that was reportedly shared accidentally on Instagram Story. According to those who saw it, the alleged video was quickly deleted few minutes after it was published on IG Story. The alleged Nude photo shows Ahron Villana’s private parts. […] More