Boxing Rematch of the Year: Pacquiao-Horn 2 to be Held in Manila, Philippines

Pacquiao-Horn Rematch in Manila

The rematch will conclude who is the real victor. [Image Credits: jeffhornboxer/Instagram and mannypacquiao/Instagram]

  • The two countries, the Philippines and Australia are fighting for the Boxing venue.

  • After Mayor Quirk announced that the rematch will be held in Brisbane, DOT Secretary Teo announced that the Philippines will be hosting the event.

  • Arun gave a tentative date for the Pacquiao-Horn rematch that will happen before the year ends.

Pacquiao-Horn rematch Manila
Horn himself was excited before he fought the boxing legend. [2017 Pacquiao-Horn rematch Image Credit: jeffhornboxer/Instagram]

The Much-Awaited Pacquiao-Horn Rematch

After the announcement that there will be a rematch for the recently concluded Pacquiao and Horn boxing match, there is now a tag-of-war for the place where the rematch will be held. The countries where the boxers came from, the Philippines and Australia, both expressed their eagerness to host the much-awaited Pacquiao-Horn rematch.

It looks like Pacquiao is now ready to fight. [Image Credit: mannypacquiao/Instagram]

To be Held in the Philippines?

Several days after Brisbane’s mayor, Graham Quirk, confirmed that Brisbane will be the venue for the fight, the Tourism Secretary of the Philippines, Wanda Teo, made a contrasting announcement.

While speaking at the Balitaan sa Department of Tourism briefing, the Secretary said that she is already working with the group of Pacquiao on the possibility of holding the rematch in the Philippines. It will be held in the largest arena in Asia, the Philippine Arena, December of this year.

Where the rematch will be held is still a question. [Image Credit: mannypacquiao/Instagram]

Secretary Teo revealed that she is already in touch with the business partner of the People’s Champ, 1-PACMAN party list representative Eric Pineda. She stated that the Department of Tourism will be providing financial assistance just to make the fight possible in the Philippines.

What Will Happen to Quirk’s Announcement?

This announcement is in contrast to the announcement made by Quirk through the Sydney Morning Herald. The Mayor stated that the 55,000-seat Suncorp Stadium, where the first fight was held, will be the main stage for the Pacquiao-Horn Rematch.

During the bout last July, Pacquiao lost to Horn in an action-packed fight that finished the 12 match. The judge’s scorecards revealed Horn as the victor of the match. However, the boxing legend feels that he won the match and wants to exercise his rematch clause.


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