Remember Carrot Man? This is How He is After Rising to Fame

What do you think happened to Carrot Man?

Fortunately, Carrot Man is doing very well in life now. [Image Credit: Jeyrick Sigmaton/Facebook]

  • The famous Carrot Man who became an online sensation has not appeared on television for quite some time.

  • TV show “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” decided to pay him a visit and was surprised with his new look.

  • Carrot Man is still doing well up to this day.

If you do not know who Carrot Man is, you may not be using Social Media, or you are not watching TV. Carrot Man, real name Jeyrick Sigmaton, took the internet by storm after a visitor took a picture of him carrying a bundle of carrots while still maintaining his good looks.

The photo that started it all. [Image Credit: Jeyrick Sigmaton/Facebook]

Who is Carrot Man?

His dream of meeting his idol also came true. [Image Credit: Jeyrick Sigmaton/Facebook]
Sigmaton is a young man from the Mountain Province where he worked as a vegetable farmer. His good looks captured the hearts of people.

His real story was also shown in “Magpakailanman.” Because of his massive popularity, it opened a lot of breaks for him.

Carrot Man was given an opportunity to be a model. He traveled and worked in the United Kingdom and also in South Korea.

He scored modeling stints after his photo went viral. [Image Credit: Jeyrick Sigmaton/Facebook]

He is Doing Well

“Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho,” visited him in Baguio City. He is no longer sporting the long hair he was famous for. He also mentioned during the interview that he is already comfortable meeting fans.

He is currently doing well. Because of his paid appearances in televisions, events, and ads, he was able to save up and finance the studies of his siblings.

He is doing well up to know. [Image Credit: Jeyrick Sigmaton/Facebook]

“Nung nag-viral ako, napunta aka sa iba’t iban lugar at bansa. Nakaipon ng kaunting income mula sa mua event na siyang ginagamit ko para sa pag-aaral ng aking mga kapatid.”

Although there are several opportunities for him, he is still prioritizing his studies. His goal is to finish high school so he can still support the education of his siblings.

People cheered for him because of his proudness of his ethnicity. [Image Credit: Jeyrick Sigmaton/Facebook]
Carrot Man also revealed that other than fame, what more important is that he was able to open the opportunity for the Ekachacran Tribe to share their tradition and culture.

Are you happy that he is doing well? We are!


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