Remember Sarah Balabagan? She Is Now A Christian And An Advocate Of Anti Human Trafficking

Sarah Balabagan photo credit
Sarah Balabagan photo credit

  • Sarah Balabagan Is Now A Christian and currently lives in Las Vegas

  • She is now an advocate for fellow victims and survivors of human trafficking


Remember Sarah Balabagan?

Remember Sarah Balabagan?Do you remember Sarah Balabagan? I think most of you do, except for the millennials of course.

The story of Sarah Balabagan hit the headlines around the world in 1994 after stabbing her employer. Hers is just like most stories of OFWs who had to work abroad to make both ends meet for the family. The recruiter she got connected with had to fake her age and made it appear that she was already 28 when in fact, she was just a 14-yr.old teen at that time.

This recruiter was able to get a domestic helper job for her at the UAE. Her employer was a sixty seven yr. old man (a widower) who had four sons.

She had allegedly become a victim of sexual advances from her employer that ended in her stabbing him thirty four times because he tried to rape her.

Sarah Balabagan photo credit
Sarah Balabagan photo credit

During the trial, she claimed that she stabbed him in an act of self-defense to protect her dignity. She had been sentenced to death penalty by firing squad but reduced to imprisonment of one year and a hundred strokes. Aside from these, she had to pay blood money. Luckily for her, a Filipino businessman paid for this.

The canning was tolerable and she didn’t have bruises or even reddening after each day of canning. In 1996, she was able to return to her homeland, the Philippines and was given a hero’s welcome.

After 2 decades and five kids, Sarah is now a dedicated Christian who has become a crusader of human trafficking victims as well as the survivors.

She stressed that no matter what state of life you are in, you have to fight for what you think is right and never forget that the Lord is always by your side.


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