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Rosalinda Ogsimer: a 68 year old Filipina who regularly joins marathon!

Rosalinda Ogsimer photo by

Meet Rosalinda Ogsimer, at 68, she still joins marathon!

A lot of us are limited by our own selves. That is because our thinking sometimes overpowers us and makes us believe that we can’t do some things and most important of all, we can’t go past our own limits. But sometimes, we just have to believe and take that self-control up a whole new level. Sometimes we have to understand that each one of us has potential and that we just have to tap it by trying what we fear we cannot do.

Rosalinda Ogsimer photo by
Rosalinda Ogsimer photo by

Physical limitations like age, height, and appearance sometimes serve us hindrance in our way of thinking in order to get what we desire – may it be good health, better work position, positive cash flow (wealth), and challenging travel experience, among others.

But here is one story that is proof of how someone can do something despite these limits which, in this case, she doesn’t consider as one. For her, age is not an excuse to forgo the ways to achieving a healthy life.

At 68 years old, Pinay Rosalinda Ogsimer enjoys an active lifestyle. And how does she attain it? Well, she joins marathons and fun runs! Society expects that at this age, no one could run long distances, but here she is, an example of someone surpassing his/her own limits and breaking the status quo. She is, indeed, extraordinary woman!

Rosalinda Ogsimer photo by
Rosalinda Ogsimer photo by

Let’s take a look at her running routine. She’s totally amazing as she’s able to run at least thrice a week. During the weekdays, when she can, she runs the 5k to 10k lap so that she could still have time to assist her husband in his clinic. But when the weekends come, she takes it up a notch by running as far as 16k to 24k! What a great feat!

And not only that! Because surprise, she has been to full marathons (24k) and one 50k endurance run! She’s definitely a super grandma!

And there are a lot of opportunities out there for our healthy grandma. She could definitely make one endorser for health brands or ambassador for specific health campaigns! And of course, she can serve as an inspiration not only to our old folks out there, but also to the younger generation who continue to live the sedentary lifestyle.

She’s the definite example of what determination and self-control can do. Reaching the finish line is a fulfillment no one could ever take away from you. Way to go, ‘la!


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