Shocked Parents Share A Video Of A Couple Having Fun And Doing The Deed While On A Plane

In-Flight Entertainment
The shocked parents experienced a different kind of in-flight entertainment. [Image Credit: Kiley Tully / Twitter]

  • The shocked parents were on a flight to Mexico for their holidays when they were joined by another couple who wants to have fun.

  • They noticed the woman straddling a man in the backseat of the aircraft.

  • This is not the first time couples tried to have fun while several feet up in the air.

For some people, air travel is not exactly pleasant. When you are 30,000 feet up in the air, the next thing you want to have is an annoying seatmate: A noisy passenger or someone clipping fingernails mid-flight.

If you think you already experienced the worst, wait until you hear the horror stories of flight attendants that they have to deal with during flights.

Flight Entertainment
The parents were shocked to see a different form of in-flight entertainment. [Image Credit: Kiley Tully / Twitter]
A couple who were off on a holiday found themselves an unexpected in-flight entertainment in the middle of their flight. While seated on their assigned seats to reach their destination in Mexico, the shocked parents found the couple sitting two rows behind them appeared to be making some love.

A Twitter user named Kiley Tully posted the deed. According to her, the video was taken by her shocked parents who are on a trip to Mexico.

My mom and dad were just trying to have a peaceful trip to Mexico and then they sent me this.

The woman appears to be straddling the man on a seat at the back of the plane. The other passengers of the plane appear not to have spotted what is happening between the two.

The airlines, Silver Airways, confirmed that the video was taken on one of their flights. They are now working to confirm its authenticity but made clear that they are not condoning this type of behavior.

We are taking this very seriously and working to determine the legitimacy of the video and specific flight information. We do not and have never flown to Mexico. Most importantly, we do not condone or tolerate this type of behavior on our flights.

Fun In A Flight
Can you imagine what the parents would do if there were children on the flight? [Image Credit: Kiley Tully / Twitter]
This is not the first time that couples were caught doing the deed while several feet up in the air. Earlier this year, a pair of strangers were caught by a flight stewardess. The passengers, who were both in their 20’s, did not know each other before they boarded the Boeing 747 at Gatwick.

The stewardess became suspicious when they darted off to the onboard bathroom. Upon forcing their way in, the crew found the woman sitting on the toilet while the man was standing with his pants down.

Other Passengers
Other passengers appear oblivious to what’s happening. [Image Credit: Kiley Tully / Twitter]
Next time you spot these unusual behaviors on a flight, report it to the crew immediately!


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