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Single Mom’s Facebook Post About Her Ex Husband’s Girlfriend Goes Trending: Here’s Why

Photo: Brittney Johnson / Facebook
Photo: Brittney Johnson / Facebook

Perhaps the world has been so immersed into the Wicked Stepmother Cinderella story that rarely do we hear about the tale of a heartwarming child and stepmom relationship to the delight of the biological mother. Contrary to popular opinion, the child, the stepmom and the real mom can all get along in the name of harmonious co-parenting. Learn how their story stunned the online community in awe of the setup.

Ex Wife Hears Husband’s Dating A New Girl

While the future relationship of an ex-husband is completely none of the ex’s business following divorce, Brittney Johnson, 27, found herself responsible at least about knowing about the girl her ex-hubby Charlie Swarzentruber has been dating since 2013. Any mother would take responsibility in ensuring that her daughter is in good hands when daddy is busy working as a mechanic. Good thing she wasn’t disappointed at all with her little princess’ stepmom gifted with a kind heart.

Daddy’s Girlfriend Is Quite A Good Catch

Meet Kayla Imhoff, 22, Mr.Swarzentruber’s girlfriend who goes to a nursing school at the Technical College of Missouri. Despite the demands of her studies, she finds time to cheer up her boyfriend’s little princess, Payton, 4, whether by riding the bike with her or cooking some Mac and Cheese for her. A dedicated stepmother, she juggles her time to accommodate co-parenting responsibilities like picking up and dropping off her adorable stepdaughter.

Photo: Brittney Johnson / Facebook
Photo: Brittney Johnson / Facebook

Little Princess Looks Up To Her Other Queen

Isn’t it interesting? Brittney can attest to how much her little girl adores her stepmom. She even contends that her ex’s girlfriend is a role model to Payton who also likes to become a nurse when she grows up. And it was so sweet of Kaylah to buy her little girl a scrub suit that matches hers. It was a picture perfect moment with both of daddy’s girls sporting similar clothes.

Photo: Brittney Johnson / Facebook
Photo: Brittney Johnson / Facebook

So who says ex’s and new partners don’t get along? It might be rough in the beginning but selfless love finds a way to reach harmony.

Divorced mother surprisingly gets along very well with her ex’s girlfriend in taking care of her little girl. She even says that daddy’s new girl is a role model to her child.

Sources: Brittney Johnson, Heart Eternal

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