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Some Habits Need Changing! 5 Ways on How to Mind Your Own Business

To upgrade yourself and to rectify the quality of your existence, you have to change some bad habits that could change the course of your miserable life. These are annoying things, big and small, that are causing disturbance in other people’s tranquility. Although it is hard to point out where all these negative energies of yours are emanating from, whether it’s because of envy or just plain immaturity, one thing is for sure, it’s for the best that you get rid of those.

For your own benefit, here are 5 mantras that you need to apply in your life immediately so you can finally start minding your own business.


Image by: Miguel Pires da Rosa

#1) People Hate Unsolicited Advice

Save your valuable and precious opinion to yourself, especially when the people around you are not asking for it. The fact that it is called “unsolicited” makes it wrong, unwelcomed and unwanted. It is synonymous to showing up to a party uninvited. It is nothing short of rude and absence of class.

#2) People Have Their Own Stories That Don’t Include You in Theirs and Theirs in Yours

Try writing a reaction paper about a movie you never see and a book you never read. You will just end up guessing and inventing your own version of everything. And because your story isn’t based on truth and facts, you will have no credibility.

Have you ever wonder why most cases in the courtroom takes time to get a decision? It is because studying every angle of the situation and coming up with a sound and fair judgment takes years, not a few seconds of just raising your eyebrows.

#3) Live and Let Live

If a man chooses to live his life or spend his entire day trapped in his skinny jeans, it shouldn’t bother you. Technically, if he feels good about it, then let him be. It’s his right. Let him enjoy it even if you’re just concerned about his blood circulation. If the person is happy about it, don’t ruin it.


#4) Gossiping is Bad Manners

Although it seems that many people are naturally born to spread stories and speculations, it is and it will always be a vicious act that could ruin someone’s life. Spreading malicious rumors is a crime and you will just put yourself in big trouble if you don’t walk away from this sick phenomenon.

#5) Discriminative Thinking is an Indicator of Low Brain Capacity

Social intelligence is measured by an individual’s ability to understand that people have their reasons for their actions. Not thinking before opening your mouth is a sign of brain malnutrition. If you’re suffering from any of these symptoms, it would if you add iodize salt in your diet.

Minding your own business is not just limited to you talking bad about others. The whole principle lies in managing your own turf and also, making sure that you are not a problem to other people.  Improving the quality of life takes practice. Start making yourself busy.


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Written by Anne Cacherell

Anne Cacherell is a viral buzz maker who loves to write about inspiring and interesting stories for healthy public consumption. She is currently based in the twin tropical island paradise of Trinidad & Tobago.

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