StoryCut empowers users to create beautiful videos on the go with a powerful new video editing app

HONG KONG, April 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — StoryCut, a mobile video editing tool, has recently launched a powerful new app on the Google Play and App Store. Designed for professionals and beginners alike, StoryCut boasts a suite of video editing functions in a user-friendly interface, providing an innovative tool for digital video creators.

StoryCut empowers users to create beautiful videos on the go with a powerful video editing app.
StoryCut empowers users to create beautiful videos on the go with a powerful video editing app.

With a vision to be the "best video creator to promote your social life", StoryCut’s diverse range of features are perfect for anyone who wants to shoot, edit and share videos anywhere, at any time. One of the only apps designed for both newcomers and seasoned pros, StoryCut provides a simple tool that allows users to create beautiful videos with zero editing experience. At the same time, the platform offers features for editors to realize their vision professionally.

"At StoryCut, we see video creation like building with LEGO. Our ambition is to provide as many different features as possible through our app, which users can use to fuel creativity, build their perfect video and express themselves using video," said Ning Hu, CEO of StoryCut.

StoryCut includes a range of video editing features including:

  • Picture-in-picture (PIP) and creative blending modes. Unlike other apps, StoryCut provides multi-track overlays and artistic effects, allowing users to create advanced double-exposure video effects and unleash their creativity.
  • Adjust. With professional-grade video editing functions, it’s easy to salvage poor takes and produce blockbuster-level videos. Users can apply one of several adjustment layers and industry-grade filters that have been developed by professional photographers and movie directors. These address common issues during video production, including underexposure and dim lighting.
  • Video effects. The app includes dozens of special effects, from fantasy and retro effects to split-screen and personalized video borders. With StoryCut’s rich, built-in visual effects, users can say goodbye to boring videos and inject excitement into static photos.
  • Keyframe animation. With powerful keyframe feaures, StoryCut allows users to set up selected animation on keyframe without reduplicative working out frame by frame, and produce animation effects similar to those created from professional tools like Flash and Premiere.

In addition, StoryCut allows users to insert text and adjust the aspect ratio for different social platforms. The app also supports one-click sharing to Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Born from a team of film directors, photographers and social media influencers, and finetuned over more than a hundred iterations, StoryCut matches the editing capabilities of industry-level desktop software. The app was based on insights from professionals and editing enthusiasts and is designed specifically to address their pain points when editing videos on mobile devices.

Moving forward, StoryCut will continue exploring innovative ways to enhance the mobile video editing experience and deliver more features for users worldwide.

To learn more about StoryCut, please visit here to download the industry-level match mobile video editing app. More fascinating features and stories about StoryCut, please come to StoryCut official website, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

About StoryCut

StoryCut is committed to providing a stage for talented video creators to accelerate their personal growth. Founded in 2018, A team of over 40 sophisticated professionals to ensuring StoryCut to empower people to be the director of their own lives and become a social media star by editing and sharing their stories on social media.


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