Sunshine Cruz Urges Her Three Daughters To Pray For Cesar Montano Despite the Backlash From Netizens

Netizens were throwing shades at the three young girls because of their father’s current controversy.

Sunshine Cruz
Sunshine Cruz defends her daughters who were dragged in their father’s recent controversy. [Image Credit: Sunshine Cruz / Facebook]

  • Sunshine and Cesar Montano was a strong couple before they separated in 2013.

  • Because of his Buhay Carinderia controversy, many people are throwing shades at the three young girls.

  • Sunshine defended her daughters and said that she’s the one paying for their food, clothes, car, and other necessities.

Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano were married and stayed together for more than a decade. They were blessed with three beautiful daughters, Samantha Angeline, Angel Francheska, and Angelina Isabelle. The couple was one of the most envied relationships in the country: they are strong, they are sweet, and there were no signs that they are falling apart. This is why the whole country was shocked when they announced their separation.

Sunshine Cruz
Sunshine starred in one of the most popular series, the Wildflower. [Image Credit: Sunshine Cruz / Facebook]

Sunshine and Cesar Montano: Separated

In 2013, Sunshine and Cesar separated because of an alleged third party, on Cesar’s side. The action star was linked to a model and sexy actress named Krista Miller. A year after the separation, Sunshine filed for the annulment of their marriage.

But that is not the end of the controversy for Cesar Montano.

Cesar is currently surrounded by issues relating to his Buhay Carinderia project. He was the former Chief Operating Officer of the Tourism Promotions Board of the Department of Tourism. However, after money allegations, Cesar was forced to resign.

Cesar is currently involved in the controversy surrounding his Buhay Carinderia project. [Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

People Involving the Three Daughters

It was not only Cesar who was affected by the controversies, so are his daughters. The three young ladies were undeniably affected by the issues involving their father. There are some people who are questioning the food and clothes by the three girls.

Through a Facebook post, Sunshine defended her daughters and stressed out that it was her who buys all their food and clothes, even their car. She also revealed that she is telling her daughters not to be ashamed.

Kasi yung mga anak ko may controversy na naramdaman, sabi ko ‘anak there’s nothing to be ashamed of, you know it’s mom who buys, food, clothes and even your car’ sabi ko pa sa kanila.

[Image Credit: Sunshine Cruz / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Sunshine Cruz / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Sunshine Cruz / Facebook]
According to the actress, she told her daughters to pray for their father, Cesar Montano for him to resolve the issues.


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