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    Teaching Gone Wrong: Kindergarten Teacher Slapped Student for Answering Incorrectly

    Is This the Right Way? Teachers serve as the foundation of students. They are their second parents away from their first homes. What will happen if it is the teacher who starts to ruin the child’s dreams of being successful in the future? Disciplining the Student This is exactly what is happening to a student […] More

  • UFO Spotted in Cornwall
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    WATCH: Bizzare Shimmering UFO Spotted in Cornwall, UK

    UFO Spotted in Cornwall? A shimmering black unidentified flying object has been spotted and filmed multiple times in the skies of Cornwall in July, 2017. Witnesses uploaded the footages on social media which immediately went viral. In these video compilation, you will see a mysterious shiny object floating over the blue skies of Cornwall. It […] More

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    “Dancing Tindera” of Cebu Levels Up With the Best Despacito Dance Cover Ever

    Are you tired of doing all the “pa-cute” moves but your crush still doesn’t seem to notice you? Oh! Don’t give up yet. You probably think that you’ve done everything but you’re wrong. I bet you haven’t tried this one yet. Netizens, prepared to get schooled by this 20-year old “tindera” from Cebu. Mary Rose […] More

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    Would You Touch This Poster If You Know That It is HIV Positive?

    HIV education plays a very significant role in the world’s battle to end a terrifying epidemic. However, HIV awareness is not only for the purpose of preventing people from acquiring the virus but for everyone to reduce stigma and discrimination. Launched by Ogilvy Brazil for the NGO Life Support Group (GIV), this brilliant and powerful […] More

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    BREAKING NEWS: Water on Mars, Confirmed By NASA

    Water on Mars, Confirmed By NASA During a news conference on Monday, September 28, 2015, James L. Green, the director of NASA’s planetary science division announced a recent discovery that boosts the odds of life on the red planet. NASA confirms water on Mars Green confirmed, “Mars indeed, 3 billion years ago, had extensive water […] More

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    Watch As This Man Cheats Death on the Most Insane Wingsuit Flight Ever

    Extreme sports are for people who love adventures with high level of inherent danger. It differs with traditional sports in terms of the risks involve due to the number of uncontrollable environmental variables and conditions. A poorly executed activity could result to serious physical harm to the athlete. Wingsuit Flying or wingsuiting is an extreme […] More

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    How This Cat Used Up 1 of Her 9 Lives

    This hilarious video features a stowaway cat that gives a pilot a shock of his life. While hundreds of feet in the air in the skies of Kourou, French Guiana, pilot Romain Jantot realized that he had a cat on-board. His reaction was priceless. It was a terrifying experience for the pilot and the kitty […] More

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    These Cat-Sized Rats are Demining Africa & Detecting Tuberculosis

    Over 50 countries worldwide are contaminated by landmines and explosive remnants of war that results to thousands of casualties every year. In their mission to develop a technology that would provide solution to this type of problem and inspire positive change, APOPO, a Belgian non-profit organization came up with detection rats. With headquarters in Tanzania […] More

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    This Little Girl Steals the Show With Her Own Dance Routine, Audience Can’t Help But Laugh

    Tap dancing is a great activity for kids. It helps improve their energy, flexibility and coordination. However, this is what happens when a child gets bored in the routine and adorably finds her own rhythm with her own hand movements and booty shakes. This charming video features an animated toddler, identified as Jordyn, dancing to […] More

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    Watch How This Pinay Talent’s “Shakira” Moves Receive 4 Big Yeses From the Judges

    Reality TV music competition X-Factor (UK) has showcased a lot of aspiring singers from all over the world including Filipino talents. Recently, a 35-year-old Filipina care home assistant from Manchester invades the stage, declares her love for Simon and entertains the audience with her “Shakira” moves. Meet Jenesa Gill, the 35-year-old Filipino talent who won […] More