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Teaching Gone Wrong: Kindergarten Teacher Slapped Student for Answering Incorrectly

Teaching is one of the most important professions in the world. [Image Credit: UNICEF]

Is This the Right Way?

Teachers serve as the foundation of students. They are their second parents away from their first homes. What will happen if it is the teacher who starts to ruin the child’s dreams of being successful in the future?

Teachers mold the students. [Image Source: Pexels]

Disciplining the Student

This is exactly what is happening to a student in Tuguegarao City.

The video of an abusive teacher has gone viral. This teacher is showed slapping an elementary student.

The pregnant teacher was walking in the classroom at first. [Image Credit: All about the Philippines/Facebook]

Teachers help students in acquiring the knowledge and values they need as they grow up. They mold and guide them.

They have the authority to disciple students in a proper way but the video showed that a teacher is abusing her power. This action is punishable by law and has its corresponding sanctions and penalties.

After not answering correctly, the student was slapped by the teacher. [Image Credit: All about the Philippines/Facebook]

The Viral Video

The Facebook page “All About the Philippines” uploaded the video. The abusive teacher, seen as pregnant, was moving around the classroom and instructing the students angrily on how they should properly do their seat work.

Watch: Teacher in Cagayan Valley slaps student in classroom

Here’s what the teacher said before slapping the student:

“Tingnan mo lang….’Hindi ko alam?’ Wala kayong mga mata….Ano ang pareho dito sa 3 (Look at it….’I don’t know?’ You don’t have eyes….What are the same among these 3)?”

The authorities are now investigating the matter. [Image Credit: All about the Philippines/Facebook]

The said teacher looked irritated while speaking to the students. A few moments later, the teacher slapped one of the students who failed to answer her question correctly. The noise was heard across the entire classroom.

A concerned citizen decided to upload the video to seek the guidance of the Namabbalan Elementary School management. The video immediately went viral and has garnered more than 8 million views, 31,000 likes, 19,000 comments, and 23,000 shares.

Netizens expressed their disappointment and anger towards the abusive teacher. They are pointing out that this is not the right way to disciple a student.

What can you say about the video? What will you do if you are the parent of the student?

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