Tearful Reunion: Ram-ram in ‘Anak Ko’y ISIS’ Reunited With his Mother

Prepare your handkerchiefs for this emotional reunion

The mother and the child were finally reunited. [Image Credit: Hajjah Sonayyah Bin't Muhammad/Facebook]

  • Ram-ram has been kidnapped seven years ago.

  • Rowhanisa and her family searched for her missing son non-stop.

  • A netizen sent her a message with a young Maute child warrior’s photo resembling Ram-ram.

Seven years ago, Rowhanisa Abdul Jabar’s only son, Ram-ram, was taken by unknown suspects. Just recently, someone sent her a message implying that her son is possibly one of the youngest recruits of the terrorist group ISIS.

GMA’s “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho” (KMJS) aired Ram-Ram and Rowhanisa’s story last Sunday, September 3.

The Kidnapping

When will the mother see her child? [Image Credit: Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho/Facebook]

Ram-Ram disappeared last June 10 after he was kidnapped from their home in Tondo, Manila. Ever since his disappearance, his family desperately tried to locate him.

His mother created a Facebook Page, This Kid is Missing, dedicated to locating her lost child. The family event went to offering a monetary reward to the person who can provide any information about him.

Ram-ram was taken by strangers while her mother was tending to their store. [Image Credit: Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho/Facebook]

Surprises Come in Different Packages

A day after the emotional episode in KMJS, Netizen Hajjah Sonayyah Bin’t Muhammad shared a photo of a child who closely resembles Ram-ram.

Another Facebook page, The Philippines News, shared an emotional video showing the reunion between Rowhanisa and his son. After the feature on KMJS, Ram-ram was immediately located.

The show also confirmed that it was indeed Ram-ram.

“Matapos mapanood kagabi sa Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho ang istorya ng paghahanap ni Rohaniza sa anak niyang si Ram-ram, nakatanggap ng impormasyon si Rohaniza sa kinaroroonan daw ng bata.”

Now that she is finally reunited with her long lost son, everyone feels genuinely happy for Rowhanisa.

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