The Best Gift For Christmas: Ica Policarpio is Finally Home

The power of prayers finally paid off.

Ica Policarpio was found in San Pablo City, Laguna. [Image Credit: Bea Policarpio/Facebook]

  • Ica Policarpio has been missing for days.

  • The hashtag #findingica went viral in all forms of Social Media.

  • She was found in San Pablo City, Laguna after three days.

Can you remember the 17-year-old girl named Ica Policarpio who was reported missing by her family in Muntinlupa City? There is a good news: she has been found.

The 17-year-old is now found. [Image Credit: Bea Policarpio/Facebook]
The 17-year-old is now found. [Image Credit: Bea Policarpio/Facebook]

Finally, It’s Christmas

Her sister, Bea Policarpio, posted a photo of Ica today, December 24, saying that her sister is finally home. According to her, Ica didn’t know that everybody is looking for her.

Ica was found in San Pablo City, Laguna. Police Superintendent Gil Toralba of the San Pablo Police confirmed it.

The Policarpio Family can now celebrate Christmas happily, now that their youngest is at home. Bea Policarpio posted this message on Facebook:

We found Ica.

Words cannot express our joy in this moment. Our family can never thank you enough, each and every one of you, for storming the heavens so we could be given a second chance to be complete. Investigation is still ongoing, but be assured we will be verifying relevant facts via official media sites. Kindly wait for that and respect our family’s privacy at this time. In the meantime we just wanted to ease everyone’s worry and let you all know that she is okay, she is unharmed, and she is with us. Thank you, Lord. Thank you everyone for helping us #FindIca.


Missing For Several Days

Ica started missing last December 21. To help with the search, the hashtag #FindIca was used in all posts until the announcement that she is finally coming home.

Before she was found, she was last seen in a coffee shop in a mall in Muntinlupa. According to the police, she looked uneasy as she was trying to break a PHP 1,000 bill. Since the coffee shop does not have any change, she went to a convenience store where she bought a small bottle of water.

The family can finally be happy during Christmas. [Image Credit: Ica Policarpio/Facebook]
The family can finally be happy during Christmas. [Image Credit: Ica Policarpio/Facebook]

From the mall complex, she walked away and was not seen for the past three days. During the time she went missing, her family bombarded social media with loving messages, urging her to come home and asking the public’s help to storm the heavens with their prayers.


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