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The Moment Mayor Duterte Showed His Dancing Prowess to the Beat of ‘Nae Nae’ and ‘Twerk It Like Miley,’ Everybody in the Studio Was Surprised

The vast majority in the Philippines know Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as a man with a tough character — as he’s typically tagged by the Philippine media as “strict” or “serious.” In fact, in Davao City — regarded as the 9th safest city in the world — Mayor Duterte is “the man.”

But everybody was shocked on watching him dance to the popular dance hits, “Nae Nae” and “Twerk It Like Miley,” during his recent TV guesting in Vice Ganda’s “Gandang Gabi Vice,”

The TV guesting also uncovered the other side of his personality — as being a “komikero.”

Apart from dancing, Mayor Duterte also sang, discussed his girlfriends and wives and also insisted throughout the interview that no, he’ll not run for president.

What if his son was homosexual?

When Vice Ganda asked him if he would still accept his son if he was homosexual, the Mayor wittingly answered that he would still accept him for who he is. He said, anyone should “respect… human dignity because all humans are created by God.”

What’s Duterte’s opinion on Sen. Grace, VP Binay, and Sec. Roxas?

Vice also asked Duterte fo his opinion on the other contenders for president, particularly on Senator Grace Poe, Vice President Jejomar Binay and Secretary of Interior and Local Government Mar Roxas, he said that they were all good. He added that he would rather not endorse any of them because they were all his friends.

Duterte also refused to answer the host when he was asked who to choose as the most beautiful among Human Rights Commissioner Etta Rosales, Sec. Leila De Lima and former President Gloria Arroyo, while their photos were displayed on the screen.

“I don’t want to get to a quarrel with the ladies,” Duterte said.

If you want to watch the said episode, click on the video above. You may also want to share this post to your friends.


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