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The Newborn Child Was Purged Down in the Toilet By His Own Mother. How He was Rescued was Miraculous!

Every child is a blessing, as many people say — especially for those people who are wishing so desperately that they will be given the opportunity to have a baby. What we can’t fathom is the fact that lots of people are resorting to abortion — hence, depriving their very own child to live a happy life.

In this video that went viral over the Internet, a newborn baby in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, China was flushed down “alive” inside a community toilet and eventually discovered trapped inside a sewer line pipe.

Reports say that locals within the building where the incident took place reported to the authorities that they had been hearing a baby crying in their public toilet.

Firefighters in the place immediately responded to the said reports. What they found next was actually shocking.

The firefighters have discovered that the sound of a crying baby came from the sewer pipe. Quickly, these heroes cautiously sawed the pipe, which is four-inch-wide, underneath the ceiling where the baby was jammed.

Upon opening up the pipe, they saw the poor newborn baby.

Silently Watching

Based on the reports, the child’s mother was only quietly observing the rescue process while the firefighters are busy salvaging the life of the child.

The baby was then immediately transferred to a healthcare facility where they discovered that the newborn was struggling with fractured skull and severe bruising.

The good thing is: the baby amazingly survived and had a successful recovery.

Meanwhile, the police said that the baby’s mother revealed to them that she secretly delivered the baby and purged him in the toilet because, according to her, she couldn’t afford an abortion. But at first, she claimed to the police that the baby fell into the toilet after she unexpectedly gave birth.

Watch this video and witness how the life of the baby was saved from being trapped in a sewer pipe.


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