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Xander Ford Is the Person Behind the Kathryn Bernardo Body Shaming Video; Video of Him Saying It, Revealed!

It is true: Xander Ford is the one behind the viral video.

The truth behind the video, now revealed! [Image Credits: Xander Ford/Facebook; Kathryn Bernardo Official/Facebook; DJ Chacha/Facebook]

  • Xander denied his involvement with the Kathryn Bernardo body shaming video.

  • However, a video posted by a Netizen on Facebook put an end on the mysterious audio recording.

After denying the allegations that he is the one behind the body shaming video, another proof resurfaced.

The Truth

A video of him, then Marlou Arizala, together with a friend while doing a video call with a girl, saying the very same words in the viral video. This was posted by a Netizen named Exequiel Dimalanta Vargas on Facebook.

Apparently, the actor posted last October 13 denying his involvement in the video. He stated that it was someone who has the same voice as him. He also denied several times when DJ ChaCha asked him about his connection with the video.

Xander Ford, before he underwent surgery, was in the video talking about Kathryn Bernardo. [Image Credit: Exequiel Dimalanta Vargas/Facebook]

However, the video clearly showed him talking about it.

What do you think will happen next? How will he defend himself now that there is a video clearly showing his face?


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Is Xander Ford the Person Behind the Body Shaming Video? Kathryn Bernardo Broke Her Silence!

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