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They Asked Colorblind People to Wear These Special Glasses, What Happened Next was Amazing

Color plays an important part in our lives. Aside from its beauty, it also has meaning and function that make our daily activities easier and more satisfying. It is hard to imagine a world wherein almost every color looks the same and almost everything around is gray.

Colorblind people live their life unaware that color spectrum exists. To bring color to their world, Valspar Paint and EnChroma launched “Color For All” campaign. This project documents personal stories of colorblind individuals as they see and experience what they have been missing out on – seeing the world of color to its fullest for the first time by wearing EnChroma glasses.

Manufactured in aviator-style, these sunglasses filter specific portions of the color spectrum and remove overlapping wavelengths that causes color confusion. It is also 100% UV blocking.

If you know someone with this condition, it would be nice to tell them about these sunglasses. Can you imagine how dull life would be without color? Feel free to leave your comments below.


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Written by Anne Cacherell

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