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They Were Mixed Up at a Hospital Decades Ago. How These Two Sets of Identical Twins Reunited is Extremely Unbelievable! Watch Their Story!


We always watch this storyline in some telenovelas: two twins were accidentally mixed up in a hospital where they were born. When they grew up, they thought they were fraternal twins, but one day, one twin came across his biological brother and, to make the long story short, they eventually discovered that they were switched at birth.

Well, this story happened to these two sets of identical twins in Colombia who were separated at birth — Carlos and Jorge; and William and Wilber.

On a New York Times feature article, it was reported that they were mixed-up at a Colombian hospital in 1988 in Bolgota.

One pair stayed in the city while the other moved to a very remote place in Northern Colombia, where there’s no electricity.

These twins who were raised in the countryside then moved to Bolgota, where the other pair is currently residing.

A friend of Jorge accidentally saw William, the biological twin brother of the former. That friend of Jorge took a picture of William and showed it to her Jorge. Upon receiving the news, Jorge searched for William over the Facebook and he was even more surprised — he saw that he also has a brother who really looks as his twin brother, Carlos.

The next thing happened: They contacted each other and finally reunited.

Sad truth is: Their mothers had already passed away before this unbelievable event happened.

Intrigued with the story? Watch the video and share it as well to your friends.


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