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They Were Together for 75 Years. And, They Died In Each Other’s Arms Within 24 Hours. Watch This Video that Touched the Hearts of Many!

They have been together for 75 years — and they died in each other’s arms within 24 hours.

The story of these couple — Alexander and Jennette — is a big proof that, yes, FOREVER, does really exist.

This inspiring and heartwarming love story of these two have recently went viral over the social networking sites, such as the Twitter and Facebook.

They were together since 8 years-old

“Their hearts beat as one, as long as I can remember,” their daughter recounted during a television interview.

These San Diego couple according to their children hated the idea of being apart.

“They were boyfriend and girlfriend when they were 8 years old,” their son said.

They married since the year 1940 and moved to San Diego, California in the early 70s. Their children said that the two wanted to go in their own bed holding hands in each other’s arms.

The daughter also recounted that the day they were about to die, even the hospital nurse told them that it was the most incredible thing to see their last breaths together. The two reached their 75th anniversary on June 29, in each other’s arms.

“He died in her arms which was exactly what she wanted,” the daughter said.

Alexander was a World War II veteran, according to the television report.

Indeed, Alexander and Jennette lived a life-long love affair that inspires many couple around the globe.

Watch and share this beautiful love story. Let us also know your thoughts on the said video.


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