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Top 10 Reasons NOT To Buy iPhone X

Ten Good Reasons To Not Buy The New iPhone X

New iPhone X
New iPhone X

10 Reasons NOT To Buy iPhone X!

Recently, Apple is one of the trending topics online after it released the latest iPhone X and iPhone 8. Many people were shookt by the price of iPhone X, which is truly shocking especially for budget-conscious customers. If you are an iPhone user ever since iPhones became a huge name in the electronics industry, you may probably be compelled to upgrade with another iPhone rather than shifting to an Android phone. But today, the latest upgrade has been a doubt for iPhone users worldwide due to its whopping cost.

iPhone X in Manila Philippines
iPhone X in Manila Philippines

Why It’s Not Practical to Buy the New iPhone X?

Well, first of all, the price is truly unexpected given the features of the new iPhone X. It’s easier to understand this if you are a solid iPhone user who never used other mobile phones but Apple. Perhaps, you’ve already experienced breaking your iPhone before which is really a heartbreaking experience. So if you are going to invest a grand for a cell phone like this, it would be more than heartrending to see it break in front of you.

Think of a thousand times before buying this phone. And to help you out, here are the top 10 reasons not to buy iPhone X:

1. 1st gen product.

For every new product, there will be a lot of drawbacks that the user will experience. And now that the new iPhone X has been unveiled, expect to encounter issues due to the new display as well as other features. So always be keen in noticing these tiny details that might not be worth your money.

2. Price.

Well, it’s just ridiculous to buy an iPhone with such a price. When you buy this new product by Apple, you’re basically telling them that it’s okay to patronize a product even if the price is unbelievable. Yes, it is a little bit overpriced for an iPhone that almost possesses the qualities of the previous models.

3. Storage pricing consequence.

Aside from paying a huge money for the iPhone X, it is also not practical to go from 64GB to 256GB. According to reports, the iPhone 8 is creating a shortage of NAND and DRAM chips worldwide. The 64GB iPhone 10 itself is convenient in storing a large memory on your phone. So it’s another ridiculous thing to go for such phone capacity these days. So, are okay with 4K 60FPS with 64GB?


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