Travel with Us in Taiwan: Filipinos Can Finally Go to the Country Visa-Free

Are you ready to visit the country?

Taiwan is known for its Instagram-worthy places. [Image Credit: Taiwan News/Facebook]

  • People are waiting for updates about the postponement of the visa-free entry for Filipinos.

  • Taiwan is putting the Philippines as one of its priorities.

  • The exemption might finally be granted by October.

Taiwan is known for its Instagram-worthy places. [Image Credit: Taiwan News/Facebook]

After the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Taiwan (Republic of China) announced that the implementation of the visa-free entry for Filipinos has been postponed, several travelers were still waiting for the new policy to take place.

Even if the visa-free entry policy was postponed, Filipinos can still visit Taiwan by getting the free Travel Authorization Certification or the e-visa.

Taiwan is known for its Instagram-worthy places. [Image Credit: Taiwan News/Facebook]

The good news that people are waiting for might be near: The exception might finally be lifted.

Good News is Coming

According to Dr. Gary Song-Huann Lin, Taiwan’s representative to the Philippines, granting visa-free for Filipinos is one of the priorities.

“The Philippines is considered as an important partner of Taiwan, so we are really making efforts to welcome more Filipino visitors to visit Taiwan, and the postponement of the visa-free arrangements is only intended to conduct seamless operations, facilitate the entry to Taiwan, and enhance security and safety for everyone.”

Taiwan is known for its Instagram-worthy places. [Image Credit: Taiwan News/Facebook]

Officials from the national security, immigration, and other government agencies discussed about the visa-free entry to Taiwan September 13. The exemption was supposed to take place by the end of August after the authorities in Taiwan said that the visa privileged for Filipinos might take place after the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei. 

It’s Now Within Hand Reach

According to the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the visa-free entry for Filipinos will take effect in October, although there is still no exact date when it will take place. Some are speculating that the visa-free policy will be lifted on the first of October. There are also some who are saying that it will be ready by the end of next month.

If everything goes well, Filipinos will be able to visit the country without a need for a visa, which will further strengthen the relationship between the two countries. Plus, who would not like to savor the taste of the country which is known for its delicacies, right?


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