Trump’s Twitter Account Wiped Out for Eleven Minutes; People Are Still Looking for the Unnamed Hero

According to Twitter, they are now investigating the situation.

The official Twitter account of the President. [Image Credit: Donald J. Trump/Twitter]

  • The internet world was surprised when the official Twitter account of President Donal Trump disappeared for three minutes.

  • According to Twitter, it was a human error.

  • However, after investigation, a former employee removed the account during his last day of service.

Sudden Disappearance

Yesterday, the internet world was surprised when President Donald Trump’s official Twitter account (@realdonaldtrump) suddenly disappeared for a total of 11 minutes. Although it was short-lived, the 11-minute disappearance was considered as a breath of fresh air and a moment of silence for some people.

For 11 minutes, the account was unsearchable. [Image Credit: Twitter]
For 11 minutes, the account was unsearchable. [Image Credit: Twitter]
However, instead of just letting it go, the microblogging social media platform opted to investigate the momentary lapse of service. They announced that the outage was because of a “human error.”

Not a Human Error

But it turns out that the “human error” was in fact not an outage on Twitter’s part. The Twitter Government account announced that the disappearance of Trump’s account was because of an employee who works on their customer service. This employee took advantage of his last day of the position and decided to wipe out Trump’s Twitter account.

According to Twitter, the company is already conducting a “full internal review” on how this terrible event was made possible.

There are also people all over the internet who are making their own investigation on what really happened. These netizens were marking the person as the “unnamed hero.” Questions such as “Can we high-five them?” And “What’s their Venom account” became viral.

Trump is known to spark debates because of his tweets. [Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

First Tweet After Restoration

The official Twitter account of the US President has 41.7 million followers and more than 36,000 tweets. It also frequently causes controversy around the world.

Trumps first tweet after the incident. [Image Credit: Donald Trump/Twitter]
The latest incident sparked a debate about the security of Trump’s account. After the restoration of the President’s account, his first tweet was about the Republican Party’s tax cuts plan.


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