Customer Gargled a Mouthwash from a Supermarket Shelf Then Return it After, Twitter Goes Crazy

Following the video of a girl who licked an ice cream tub and placed it back in, other people are attempting a similar stunt

  • A video of a girl opening a tub of ice cream, licking it, and then placed it back in while at a supermarket went viral recently
  • Other people online had attempted to do something similar
  • A Twitter user filmed herself opening a bottle of mouthwash, gargled and spit it back in, and then placed it back in a shelf in a supermarket, and then she posted it online

Trends, stunts, and memes are shared through social media platform all the time. Some can be fun, and others can be uplifting. There are also some videos that are made just to make it viral. One such video that recently became viral involved a girl and a tub of ice cream.

Images from the viral video of the girl who licked the top of an ice cream tub.

The video was Retweeted and uploaded in different social media sites and accounts. It showed a girl who opened a tub of ice cream and then licked the top of it. The person holding the camera then told her to put it back in the refrigerator, which she did, and then they walked away. It was reported that the girl was identified and will be facing charges.

Other people became copycats and has tried to copy the prank that the girl did and one Twitter user posted her own take on the prank.

Twitter user Bameron Nicole Smith posted her video where she she went to a supermarket and stopped at the oral hygiene section. She then took a bottle of mouthwash, opened it, gargled and spit the fluid back in the same bottle, and then placed it back in the same shelf. After doing that, she then walked away.

gargling and putting the content back into the bottle of mouthwash
Bameron Nicole Smith using a mouthwash that she just opened. Image credit: @bameronkaii/Twitter

Twitter users were all upset with the video. Some were shocked with what happened, and others were angry at what she did. There were also some that noticed that the bottle that was used was the only bottle with no seal in the whole shelf, and they started saying that the video is staged. There was no update on whether the bottle was left on the shelf or if it was bought after the video was taken.

gargling and putting the content back into the bottle of mouthwash
Bameron put the mouthwash that she gargled back into the bottle. Image credit: @bameronkaii/Twitter

Locally, there had been a few videos posted of kids going into a 24-hour convenience store and they would take a bit at a hotdog that is for sale and then they’d run away. Hopefully this kind of video trend stops soon as it is both unethical and unhygienic.


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