U2(TM) Unveils Its First Stop Tossing & Turning Pillow on Kickstarter

PASADENA, Calif., June 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — U2™, an innovative bedding product company, unveils its first Stop Tossing & Turning pillow – U2™ Pillow, which perfectly supports users’ head and neck with its revolutionary ergonomic design that allows you to reduce tossing and turning times while sleeping.

U2™ Unveils Its First Stop Tossing & Turning Pillow on Kickstarter
U2™ Unveils Its First Stop Tossing & Turning Pillow on Kickstarter

The Stop Tossing & Turning pillow perfectly cuddles your head and neck with its revolutionary ergonomic design. It applies the Pressure Principle in physics as a theoretical basis, which means that a larger area to touch the pillow will lead to a smaller amount of pressure on your body leading to the maximum amount of comfort.

"The concept of stop tossing and turning was inspired by a quote from Charlie Munger– ‘Stop being the wrong matters rather than being right.’ There is no standard for a good sleep but we’ve known and probably have experienced restless sleep features tossing and turning all night. So all I need to do is to help you to reduce or even stop tossing and turning," said Joe Zhou, chief executive officer at U2™. "Combine the basic physical principle and your preference of pillow height, customize your sleeping experience, helping you have a refreshed and peaceful sleep you’ve ever had."

The U2 Pillow conforms to the natural shape of the neck to create a snug fit. This snug fit leads to a noticeable reduction in tossing and turning, which allows users to sleep a deep and restful sleep. Its memory foam core helps to distribute body pressure. It molds itself to users’ body shape and supports their body in its entirety. It also has an adjustable three-layer design with which users can fully customize their pillow. Users can choose between four combinations and eight different pillow heights to cater to their every needs, whether users like to sleep as flat as possible or like their neck/head to be lifted considerably. Users choose. The pillow’s three different layers also have evenly distributed ventilation holes that dissipate heat. The 100% pure cotton pillow cover is comfortable and sweat absorbent.

The Stop Tossing & Turning pillow is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter for just $49. For full details on the U2 Stop Tossing and Turning Pillow and more bedding products, please visit or connect with U2 Sleep on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest.

About U2™

U2™ is an innovative bedding product company that is committed to providing high-quality products backed by responsive service. It strives to help worldwide sleepers to stop tossing and turning at sleep and to sleep soundly all night. From adjustable pillows, portable pillow carriers to shoulder-in design mattresses, U2™ is expanding its portfolio bedding products that offer a better sleeping experience to customers all around the world. For more information on U2™, please visit  




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