UFO or Apocalypse? Huge Hole Appears in Cloud Formation in Finland

The mysterious hole greeted the citizens of Helsinki last week. [Image Credit: Seija Paasonen/Yle]

Invisible UFO?

A bizarre formation was spotted in the skies of Helsinki, the capital of Finland Wednesday last week. The mesmerizing cloud formation appeared as a round hole in the sky.

The hole in the sky surprised a lot of people last week. [Image Credit: juhaenieminen/Instagram]

Different Theories

The cloud formation sparked a lot of flurry suggestions not only from those who saw it but also from netizens. That includes the theory that there was an invisible UFO paying Earth a visit.

There were also some who feared that there is an apocalypse coming.

Meteorologist Paavo Korpela explained that the incident is caused by frost formation. [Image Credit: Ilmatieteen laitos‏/Twitter]
However, the Finnish Meteorological Institute released a scientific explanation saying that it was a result of ice crystal reaction with a cloud plate of droplets.

One of their meteorologists stated, “That cloud layer, which is now there, is about six to seven miles (10-12km) high, and the temperature is over 20 degrees frost (12 Fahrenheit). One explanation could be that if ice crystals come from above cloud layers, it causes very rapid liquid water freezing in ice crystals, where clouds will rain down and evaporate at the same time.”

People were thinking that it is another UFO sighting. [Image Credit: Pixabay]
This strange phenomenon is called “Fallstreak Hole.”

Not the First Incident

Last July 31, there was a huge sinkhole in Northern Sweden which forced the closure of a factory in the industrial area.

Hakan Wiberg from the Ornskoldsvik Emergency Services said that they had to cordon off the area for the fear of possible erosion since the hole grew to a size of eight-by-eight meters.

Another hole was spotted last month in Finland. [Image Credit: National Post]
The hole was reportedly caused by a burst underground sewage pipe.

It is still not clear if the hole caused any damages to the building but experts are still investigating the matter.

These two incidents in Finland kept people wondering: Is this the result of abusing the environment? Is the environment paying back? What do you think?

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