Video Of Caring Husband Massaging The Tired Feet Of Pregnant Wife Goes Viral

Sweet Gesture Of Husband Goes Viral On The Net

Image Captured from Boiling Waters FB page
Image Captured from Boiling Waters FB page

  • Video of a very loving husband goes viral on the net after massaging the feet of his pregnant wife.
  • Husband got the admiration of the netizens for doing such a sweet act.

It is very seldom that you can see a pregnant woman being accompanied by a very caring husband. This is why what this husband did to his pregnant wife went viral on the net. It caught the attention of the netizens most especially the ladies.

The couple was not identified but when you see the video, you will conclude that this husband sincerely loves his wife. The video show the couple in what seemed like the stairs that lead to the LRT/MRT station in Metro Manila. They are probably about to ride the train or have just gotten down from it when the two of them were spotted by the one who took the video and uploaded it on social media.

In the video, the man can be seen squatting on the floor giving his pregnant wife’s feet a massage as the woman seemed to be tired already. Others may say that the wife was just OA to the husband but it should be known to everyone that a pregnant woman gets tired easily.

Standing or walking for a long period of time can extremely distress their legs. Leg cramps are very common to pregnant women hence the reason why they are given special privilege in queues. Those who have never experienced being pregnant will never understand this though.

Image Captured from Boiling Waters FB page
Image Captured from Boiling Waters FB page

Many ladies who saw this scene envied the woman because having a very caring and attentive husband is not a common scenario nowadays. You don’t always see a man massaging the tired feet of his wife; making sure she gets comfortable after a possible cramps or just plain tired feet.


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