VITA Distilled Water Launches 100% Recycled Bottles

Promotes Waste Reduction with rPET Bottles in Hong Kong

HONG KONG, April 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — To avoid illness, a healthy lifestyle is vital. Besides maintaining the purity of its distilled water, Vitasoy has recently launched a 100% recycled plastic bottle, made entirely from recycled polyethylene terephthalate ("rPET"), which aims to promote environmentalism and waste reduction in Hong Kong.

Product packaging of VITA Distilled Water in rPET bottle
Product packaging of VITA Distilled Water in rPET bottle

Vitasoy is committed to enhancing the environmental performance of its product packaging through the use of renewable or other materials. The recycled plastic bottles for VITA Distilled Water are made of rPET, which are recycled from used PET bottles. Through a rigorous process of screening, sorting, crushing, cleaning at high temperature, granulation, and reshaping, rPET material can be used in beverage packaging,, thus helping reduce the plastic waste and fossil fuel consumption.

Vitasoy targets to change the packaging material of its 430L, 700mL and 1.5L VITA Distilled Water to rPET in the first quarter of this year in Hong Kong.

In addition to the enhancement of product packaging, Vitasoy has been actively supporting the collection and recycling of used beverage packaging. The Company pioneered the combined smart-reversed vending machine system in Hong Kong last year to promote recycling through various incentives.

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