WATCH: An Unidentified Creature Dancing Was Caught on Camera

A Facebook user saw that one of her security cameras caught an unidentified creature dancing through her driveway

  • One of Vivian Gomez’ security cameras caught an unidentified creature crossing through her driveway
  • The said creature was walking and then it started dancing after awhile
  • The video she shared had quickly gathered lots of views and shares in Facebook

In this day and age, we have all the technology that we can use to explain everything that we see around us, but every now and then, there would be things that can not only surprise us, but it can also make us say, “WTF was that?”

In a Facebook post, Vivian Gomez shared what one of her security cameras caught in one night. It appears that she was about to ignore an uneventful footage but she was surprised with what she saw.

An unidentified creature was caught on camera
The shadow of the unidentified creature would first be seen in the viral video. Image credit: Vivian Gomez/Facebook

In the video, she first saw a shadow near her car, and then an unidentified creature suddenly walked in front of the camera. The creature was bow-legged and it was stomping the floor as it walked. It looked like it has long ears and it was thin and lanky.

As it walked, it danced for a little bit but as the clip was only ten seconds, the video cut off as the creature walked away.

An unidentified creature was caught on camera
The creature started dancing while it was crossing the driveway. Image credit: Vivian Gomez/Facebook

The video has since been viewed for more than 14 million times, and was shared more than 160,000 times as well.

Some of the people that were able to make a comment thought it was an alien, while there were others that thought it was a ghost. Some also compared it to Dobby the House Elf, a character from the Harry Potter books.

Watch the video here:

An unidentified creature was caught on camera
After the dance, the creature started to walk away. Image credit: Vivian Gomez/Facebook

There were some as well that were skeptic and tried to give a more realistic explanation as to what the camera caught. They say it might have been a kid that was wearing flip-flops and a large hat and was just playing a prank.

In any case, it is still an unusual video, and the mystery of what was caught in it might not get resolved anytime soon.

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