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WATCH: Bizzare Shimmering UFO Spotted in Cornwall, UK

Does this phenomenon provides a solid evidence of alien life?

UFO Spotted in Cornwall
UFO Spotted in Cornwall

UFO Spotted in Cornwall?

A shimmering black unidentified flying object has been spotted and filmed multiple times in the skies of Cornwall in July, 2017.

Witnesses uploaded the footages on social media which immediately went viral.

In these video compilation, you will see a mysterious shiny object floating over the blue skies of Cornwall. It morphs into odd shapes leaving many people bemused. The videos were taken from different angles.

While it kind of looks like a shining silver hot air balloon, many others believed that it is some kind of a pulsating alien aircraft in a very strange black shape, trying to disguise itself as a cloud.

Baffled and worried locals also speculated that the said UFO is either just paying a visit to UK’s southernmost county or trying to invade the country.

UFO Spotted in Cornwall
UFO Spotted in Cornwall?

Cornwall Live, a local news network, has also reached out to different agencies about the sightings but no one seems to have any answers.

After a week, it has been suggested that it could be a publicity stunt for “Journey Into Space Attraction” at the Eden Project.

The Eden Project’s new attraction runs from July 27 – September 3.

A spokesman for the attraction has released a statement saying, “It’s true we have a galaxy of ways to tell the story of space at Eden this summer. To coin a phrase… ‘The truth is out there’.”

Is it true? A UFO Spotted in Cornwall?
Is it true? A UFO Spotted in Cornwall?

But for many people who believe in alien life, the question remains, “How did they do it?” – a mystery that seems to remain unsolved until now.

Well, whatever it is – hoax or not, this weirdness has caused panic to many people across the country.


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Written by Anne Cacherell

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