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WATCH: Ella Cruz dances Brandon Beal’s “Twerk It Like Miley.” Incredibly Jaw Dropping!

After less than five days since the video was uploaded on YouTube, the video of former “Bagito” star, Ella Cruz, dancing to “Twerk It Like Miley,” has already gone viral.

Known as the “Teen Dance Princess,” Ella is the latest celebrity to ‘twerk’ to the hit song of Brandon Beal.

Other celebrities included G-Force’s Georcelle Dapat-Sy as well as actress Maja Salvador, who was even dubbed as the “Philippines’ Twerk Queen.”

Most Used Song

There is no doubt that, since the song invaded the country, it is already one of the most used songs in a lot of performances, particularly on television.

Today, many people, including celebrities, have already been doing their own versions of dance moves.

‘She Could Also Twerk’

In the video, Ella Cruz definitely showcased her incredible dancing prowess.

A netizen, Datu Sophie, posted a comment on YouTube, “Wow.!!. Ella looks like a Korean Pop star.. She really dance[s] well.. #kpopfanheretoo”

Some netizens instantly became fans of the teen actress upon seeing the said video.

“Wow! Very nice and cool! Keep dancin Ella, Im a fan. :),” said Jerome Berja.

Other netizens also praised her since the dance moves “don’t look sexually provocative.”

With the said video, there is no doubt that Ella Cruz is finally back on the spotlight.

The Choreography

The teen actress also revealed in some of her posts that her partner in the video is actually the choreographer of the dance version. His name is Macky Quiobe.

Not Just a Pretty Face

The video, according to some netizens, has also proven that, indeed, Ella Cruz is not only a pretty face and a great actress. She is also an incredibly dancer.

As of this writing, the viral video already reached more than 600,000 views.

What are your thoughts about this viral video? Let us know upon watching this incredibly sexy video.


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