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WATCH: Ella Cruz performs “Twerk It Like Miley” on It’s Showtime, makes the crowd wild

Once again, teen actress Ella Cruz has wowed the televiewers and netizens as she opened “It’s Showtime” on Wednesday, August 12.

The teen actress, famous for her followers as the “Teen Dance Princess,” danced to the beat of “Twerk It lIke Miley” — the same song she performed on her other videoas that made the rounds on the Internet.

In the newest segment of “It’s Showtime,” “Papa Pogi,” the 18-year-old teen actress served as one of the guest judges.

According to some of those who have witnessed her sizzling performance, it was indeed a ‘perfect timing’ — it was cold that day because of the weather but when she stepped on the dance floor, she certainly heated up the stage.

To some, Ella is one of the hottest teen actresses of today’s generation.

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Reference: August 12, 2015. WATCH: Ella Cruz heats up ‘It’s Showtime’. Accessed August 13, 2015.


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