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Watch: Hilarious Video Compilation of Models Falling on the Runway

So you wanna be on Top? A lot of tall and sexy ladies are dreaming of becoming a SuperModel but apart from being on the limelight, ramp modelling can also be embarrassing.

Doing a fierce catwalk wearing different high heels while showcasing a designers creation can sometimes be challenging.

Walking on the ramp wearing uncomfortable long dress can also be a models worst nightmare especially when everyone see them falling down on the runway.

This can happen anywhere, even in a live show, a new dress collection launch or even a Reality TV modelling contest. Modeling can be a dangerous job, Yes thats True, but if you really want to be a SuperModel, be prepared for this kind of disaster.

Models falling on the runway
Models falling on the runway

The video compilation here shows ramp models falling on ramp during catwalk in some of the famous fashion shows in Paris, New York, Milan and some of the World’s fashion hubs. So, sit back and enjoy watching this Hilarious video compilation of Models Falling on the Runway.


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