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Watch How This Pinay Talent’s “Shakira” Moves Receive 4 Big Yeses From the Judges

Reality TV music competition X-Factor (UK) has showcased a lot of aspiring singers from all over the world including Filipino talents. Recently, a 35-year-old Filipina care home assistant from Manchester invades the stage, declares her love for Simon and entertains the audience with her “Shakira” moves.

Meet Jenesa Gill, the 35-year-old Filipino talent who won the judges four big “yeses” on X factor UK’s Auditions Week 3.

Before the performance, Simon asked her, “Jenessa, who do people say you look like?” And without blinking her eyes or any second thoughts, she answered, “Catherine Zeta-Jones, maybe.”

But, wait! There’s more. Aside from her amazing and “unforgettable” booty-shaking skills, the real highlight of her act was when she sat on Judge Simon Cowell’s lap and kissed him. Watch her adorable performance as she sings Shakira’s popular song Hips Don’t Lie.

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Written by Anne Cacherell

Anne Cacherell is a viral buzz maker who loves to write about inspiring and interesting stories for healthy public consumption. She is currently based in the twin tropical island paradise of Trinidad & Tobago.

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