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WATCH: How This Professional Wrestler Brought Middle School Students to Tears for Only Four Minutes? This Video Will Surely Make You Love Your Parents More!


Professional wrestler Marc Mero, a former WCW and WWE Champion, has touches the hearts of many people across the globe, particularly these middle school students in the audience, because of his extremely inspirational message about the mistakes he made earlier in his life as well as the innate and undying love of his mother. This video will surely make you cry, so better prepare a box of tissues before clicking the play button.

His Personal Story About His Mother

Perhaps, what have melted the hearts of these young teens in the audience is his story about his mother, her passing as well as his regrets about treating his mother poorly when she was still alive.

“I would slam my door on the one person who believed in me,” he shared to the audience.

“The greatest gift my mother gave to me? She believed in me,” he said.

The wrestler, in his speech, motivated the young teenagers not to push important people in their lives away — especially their parents.

These days, some teenagers do not appreciate the efforts that they parents do for them. In fact, most parents are only taken for granted by their children.

This story of Mero has definitely reminded and inspired his audience to love their parents even more, as well as to love each other.


He Achieved Incredible Success

Mero was very popular, especially to sports enthusiasts. He reached the top of his professional wrestling career when he won the WCW and WWE Champion titles.

But, in this video, his message of success as well as hope is very different than what he previously believed in.

Also, in this video, he also told the audience how his life was ruined by money, alcohol, fame, and drugs — and how he, eventually, survived the challenges and temptations in his life.

In one of his Facebook posts, the motivational speaker said, “I talk about God because I believe in Him. I am not trying to offend anybody, but the evidence in my own life trumps your opinion about whether or not He exists.”

Without a doubt, Mero has inspired a lot of individuals around the globe with his wonderful message about love and positivity.

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