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WATCH: Japan’s Tourism Video Becomes Popular Overnight

It is seldom for tourism videos to gain much popularity online. However, Japan’s tourism video has managed to capture the hearts of a lot of viewers making the YouTube video gain 1.3 million visitors in about 2 weeks.

Discover the Spirit of Japan Youtube Video
Discover the Spirit of Japan Youtube Video

The video, “Discover the Spirit of Japan” carries a gentle, open hearted feel of Japan. Rather than showing the usual tourist spots like Mt. Fiji and the Tokyo Skyline, the video shows the Japanese people and how they view their nation’s culture, traditions and history.

It centers on a national dance – the Awa Dance and how different segments of the population – from the young to the old – view and perform it. The video is gaining attention because it shows a whole new perspective of Japan – the warm, friendly and smiling people.

Japan Tourism Viral Video from Youtube

According to Kevin May of Talking Travel Tech’s, the video is successful because of its unusual focus on the Japanese people. This makes the video a fresh breath from the usual tourism videos.

Looking at the YouTube comments which mostly say “amazing!”, it’s clear that the tourism video has succeeded in connecting with its target viewers.


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