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WATCH: Know How Did a Daughter Send a Message to Her Astronaut Father. The Message is Truly Heartwarming!

It’s really hard to be away from your loved ones. Thanks to technology, children, for instance, can already make a video call to their parents who are away from their home to make a living. But, what if one of your parents are not just working overseas, but outside of the earth — as an astronaut? How then can you be able to send your special love messages?

This is exactly what this 13-year-old daughter, Stephanie, wishes to make — to send a special message to his father who is working outside of the earth.

How Did She Send a Message to Her Dad

Hyundai Car company helped Stephanie in sending a special message to her dad.

By using an open field of Desert plus 11 Genesis Sedan, Stephanie was able to send her love to her dad.

These Hyundai cars followed a pattern in order to create Stephanie’s message. Upon driving, the short but sweet message was seen written in the desert:

“Steph loves (heart) you.”


This video will surely melt your heart.

Share this video to your special ones and let us also know what you have in your mind with regard to this viral video featuring the love of a daughter to her dad.


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