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WATCH: Know Who are the “Pabebe Soldiers” and Why are They Trending

In the past months, the video of the “Pabebe Girls” went viral. For a long time, after the popularity of the said viral video over the Internet, the term “pabebe” has actually connoted “negativities.”

But do you know that some creative minds have recently given the term “pabebe” a positive flavor?

They are now tagged by netizens as the “Pabebe Soldiers.”

Used the Trending Term to Be Heard By the Public

As an introduction, the group of lovely soldiers used the fierce greeting and introduction of the original “Pabebe girls.”

What they said next was their real message to everyone — that “no one can prevent them from serving the country.”

Additionally, they asked the general public “to unite together and serve the country with respect and dignity.”

“Everyone must be responsible in spreading goodness, peace and development in the country,” they added.

They Succeeded

There’s no doubt that these soldiers have been successful in their aim to go viral — but, this time around, for a cause.

These “Pabebe Soldiers” used the power of social media to make contributions in the development of the country.

They used the popular term “pabebe” in a creative and friendly way.

They Are Worthy of Our Salute

Indeed, these “Pabebe Soldiers” truly deserve our salute for spreading positivity, peace, goodness as well as inspiration to other people.

Important Roles Women Play in the Army

On a report regarding the said viral video, Lt Lady Chatterly Alvaro-Sumbeling of the Philippine Navy said that the video actually planned to boost awareness about the significant role of women in the army.

“They associate women with being weak (and melodramatic). But we have women soldiers that are not pabebe, they pose as the strength of women in the military,” Alvaro-Sumbeling said.

Alvaro-Sumbeling has been in service for more than nine years now.

These “Pabebe Soldiers” should have our likes and shares.


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Written by Dave Calpito

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