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WATCH: Know Why Ella Cruz Became Emotional While on the Dance Floor

Indeed, Ella Cruz is making a great wave over the Internet. This is because of her recent viral video wherein she proved her worth to being tagged as a “dance diva.” Her viral video continues to earn more and more views as well as positive feedback from the netizens.

Also, Maja Salvador’s video garnered millions of hits on the Youtube because of her unparalleled dance prowess — specifically in her version of “Twerk It Like Miley.”

What do you think will happen if the two divas will collaborate in a dance showdown?

The video below, which recently became a ‘talk of the town,’ is the answer:

Emotional Ella

Ella Cruz celebrated her birthday in ASAP by performing a dance number. What surprised the danced diva, while she was dancing on stage, was seeing Maja joining the said production number, with her.

Ella was literally in tears while on the dance floor. She’s even seen on the video hugging Maja as she can’t believe the showdown’s really happening.

She was also caught at the end of the production number still crying while hugging the older dance diva.

Because of this trending performance, many netizens are now calling Ella Cruz as the next “Maja Salvador.”

Please let us know your thoughts on the said viral video.


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