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WATCH: Man Traveled from One Country to Another to Prepare for the Most Romantic Proposal Ever. The Video Will Surely Melt Your Heart!

It’s every woman’s dream to receive a one-of-a-kind proposal from the man of her dreams. And for most of men, it’s also a dream to make the most unique as well as romantic proposal to their ‘one and only.’

This video below features a very emotional and inspirational wedding proposal of a man named Tomer Algrably to his girlfriend for four years and to her future wife, April, from the Philippines.

Explored the World

Literally, this man explored the world just to prepare for the most important moment of his life — and just to look for the best ring to give to his girl the moment he will ask her to be with him for the rest of his life.

For the past years that they’ve been together as a couple, they have traveled from country to country.

What April did not know is that, the videos his boyfriend kept on taking during their trips together are the materials that Tomer used to make the “movie trailer” he entitled “Where’s the ring?”

In the video, Tomer’s seen looking for the ‘ring’ from one place to another — Thailand, Israel, Philippines to Hong Kong.

On one of their vacations, Tomer set up the cameras inside a hotel room to capture the important moment. Initially, he asked April to get some ‘selfies.’ But, actually, he is already looking for the best angle to capture the next things that will happen.

While watching the said video, April can’t help but be very emotional.

She was even more surprised when Tomer came in the hotel room to ask the question. And, yes, she responded positively.

Watch and share this very heartwarming video and be inspired!


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