[Watch] Surreal Footage: Ocean Water Missing As A Result of Hurricane Irma

Where Did the Ocean Go? Disappearing Shorelines Caused by Hurricane Irma Explained


On Saturday, September 9, 2017, the strong winds brought by Hurricane Irma on Long Island in the Bahamas literally pushed away the ocean water from the shoreline, leaving a naked seabed and the beach dry.


Hurricane Irma takes away sea water in Bahamas
Hurricane Irma takes away sea water in Bahamas / Photo By Adrian @deejayeasya


If one does not know much about this rare weather phenomenon, the first thing that may come to mind is that this could be a sign of a huge tsunami.



Fortunately, this is not the case.

So, how did this happen?

According to meteorologists, this extraordinary yet scary phenomenon can really occur when a hurricane is strong enough to suck the water away from the shoreline and literally, change the shape of the ocean.

This phenomenon is known as a “hurricane bulge.”

What happens is that the extreme low pressure in the eye of the storm acts like a suction force, causing the air and water to be drawn upward, pulling it into its core.

Will the ocean water return?

Yes, definitely and it only lasts a short time. Another good thing is that, it will not rush back like a tsunami. It will be back gradually and sometimes, like in the case of Bahamas, within less than a day or as soon as the storm abates.


In fact, the same situation happened in Tampa Bay, Florida before Hurricane Irma’s storm surge arrived. The water retreated 3 feet lower than normal for that specific time of the day.


But then again, we now know that it’s just temporary and that it will soon funnel back to the coast.

Below is the surreal video of the missing ocean in the Bahamas.

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