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WATCH: Tagalog-Speaking Qatari Boy Pays Tribute To His Pinay Nanny With A Heartwarming Testimonial

  • Pinay nanny ascends as the seventh member of her employer’s family after two decades of service.
  • Tagalog-speaking Qatari teenager expresses his gratitude to his Pinay nanny in a heartwarming video.
  • Watch the video below.

Two decades of babysitting has not only earned Yaya Zubaidah a living but also an extended family in the household where she has been working. It was in a testimonial of the child, Nasser Al-Naama, whom she helped raised that the world knew about her work commitment and dedication.

Qatari Boy

Learn more about the inspirational story of an Overseas Filipino Worker in Qatar.

First As A Caregiver, Then A Babysitter

Yaya Zubaidah is no stranger to the Al-Naama family before she was tasked to look after the young Nasser. She was the caregiver of boy’s grandmother prior to being hired as a nanny. It was her hard work caring for the family’s elderly that landed her the job of attending this time to the needs of the family’s little boy. Apparently, she earned the family’s trust that she managed to renew her contract with the Qatari employer.

A Grateful Heart, More Than A Reward

With over two decades of service to the family as a nanny, Nasser expressed his debt of gratitude to Yaya Zubaidah owing a significant part of his upbringing to his babysitter. He knows how caring a Filipina can be when it comes to looking after a child. No wonder, he has always looked back to the humble service extended by his nanny.

Words Aren’t Enough, Even In Local Tongue

What has been interesting is that Yaya Zubaidah was able to impart the Filipino language to the Qatari boy as the latter grew older. He surprised the audience of Qatar Living in an interview where he recognized the noble service not only of his nanny but the entire Filipino community. He even mentioned that Filipinos will always have a special place in his heart.

Isn’t it heartwarming to know that a Filipina made her country proud for doing a good job abroad? Sure, there are many other Yaya Zubaidah out there pouring their hearts out in the name of sincerity in service.

Watch this heartwarming video below:

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