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Watch: The Real Life Popeye & His Incredible, Giant Arms

In case you don’t remember, Popeye is the cartoon character, who simply downs a tin of spinach and instantly sprouts bulging biceps. Well, meet Jeff Dabe of Stacy. Minnesota. He is an arm wrestler, who was given the nickname Popeye, because of his oversized forearms and hands.

This 52-year-old competitive and strong man has huge forearms that measures 19-inches in circumference and is capable of holding a basketball in each hand. Doctors from the University of Minnesota have performed series of tests to see if he has some kind of genetic disorder or disease like gigantism or elephantiasis. In the end, they have concluded that he was just born that way.

Taking advantage of his extraordinary gift, Jeff became a professional arm wrestler and has been competing in arm wrestling tournaments since the 1980s. Unfortunately, he injured his right arm during a competition in 1986 but he was able to get back on the game in 2012 when he decided to use his left arm. Jeff is currently training and traveling all over United States to fulfill his dream of becoming the champion in the World Arm Wrestling League.

Do you think you will freak out if you see these big hands and arms in real life? Tell us what’s on your mind.


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Written by Anne Cacherell

Anne Cacherell is a viral buzz maker who loves to write about inspiring and interesting stories for healthy public consumption. She is currently based in the twin tropical island paradise of Trinidad & Tobago.

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