WATCH: The Woman Behind the Viral “KaladKaren Davila” Video Shares A Lot of Things with Karen Davila!

Meet the talented person behind the viral “KaladKaren Davila” videos

KaladKaren became a huge source of happiness amidst the crisis that the country is now facing. [Image Credit: KaladKaren Davila/Facebook]

  • The popular voice behind the viral video is Jervi Li.

  • Li made a lot of netizens laugh because of her close impersonation of Karen Davila.

  • Karen Davila and Jervi Li shared a lot of things in common.

Who will not think that this is Karen Davila? [Image Credit: Miguel Tanchanco/Facebook]

Jervi Li, more popularly known as KaladKaren Davila (Official FB Page), is the woman who impersonated veteran broadcast journalist Karen Davila. This video went viral and KaladKaren Davila became the latest media sensation now.

The Viral Video

Li gained her now online fame when Facebook user Michael Tanchaco posted a video of her imitating the veteran broadcast journalist.

In this video, Li was mimicking Davila as she is trying to cross a river together with other members of a TV crew. This is supposedly for an episode of “The Correspondents” which is hosted by Davila. The show is currently the longest-running investigative documentary of ABS CBN. It is being aired starting from November 17, 1998 to October 22, 2010.

Everyone did not expect the video to be a hit. [Image Credit: JerviJervi/Facebook]

Made Netizens Happy

The video became popular thanks to Li’s great impersonation of the well-known journalist. It quickly captured the interest of netizens. The video garnered more than 12,000 shares, with more than 990,000 views, 6,000 comments, and 31,000 likes since it was shared by Tanchaco last September 4.

The video is a hit for a lot of people [Image Credit: Miguel Tanchanco/Facebook]
Even Karen Davila was happy. [Image Credit: KaladKaren Davila/Facebook]

Netizens were not only impressed by her good impersonation. Even the 46-year-old veteran journalist saw the video and commented

Absolute good vibes! Ang galing niya!! Made me miss The ‘Correspondents’! Congrats Kaladkaren.

Similarities of the Two

Karen Davila is one of the most popular anchors in the Philippines. [Image Credit: Buzzfeed Philippines]
Li works as a writer and floor director for big networks. [Image Credit: JerviJervi/Facebook]

Other than their voice, Davila and Li have the same career path. Both graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman with a degree in College of Mass Communication. Davila worked as a reporter, TV and Radio host while Li is a creative writer and floor director.

Watch latest Kaladkaren’s latest video here:

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