Watch: This emotional short film series had Maymay Entrata and everyone online super sentimental!

Short Film that made Maymay Entrata emotional

Joy OFW emotional short film
Joy OFW emotional short film

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Change is a natural part of life that can take many forms and emotions – from scary to invigorating and tough to empowering. However, when people go through change, more often than not they experience growth, allowing them to see every day in new ways.

Joy OFW emotional short film
Joy OFW emotional short film

While change can be shocking, one can power through thanks to unconditional love and understanding, which would surprisingly shine through in spontaneous conversations. To encourage Filipinos to embrace the time spent with loved ones by engaging in meaningful conversations, Joy Philippines launched the #ShareAMomentOfJoy short film series, which shows families finding the time to bond even in the most simple and mundane times, such as doing errands like washing the dishes.

Home is where the heart is

The first emotional short film entitled “OFW” tackles the distance, both physically and emotionally, between OFWs and their families back home.

Joy OFW Short Film
Joy OFW Short Film

Having to leave your family behind has got to be one of the most difficult changes one can go through. Overseas Filipino Workers’ families in particular, bear the absence of their loved ones for long periods of time. A lot of parents lose the opportunity to see their children achieve different milestones and they tend to spend even more time with other people’s kids than their own.

Now that Christmas is near, a lot of OFW parents try their best to come home to their families to  spend the holidays together. Soon enough, you’ll see various photos of balikbayan boxes, gifts, brand new shoes, and other pasalubong items while scrolling through social media. However, what people don’t see is that beyond those presents and perfect photos are distant conversations, lost connections, and even pain.

Sadly, not everyone can fully understand a parent’s decision to leave and risk everything just to work abroad, most especially children. This often causes OFWs to spend a lot of their time at home trying to reconnect with their loved ones through various reunions, celebrations and family dinners, but more often than not these just lead to forced interactions.

Joy’s #ShareAMomentOfJoy series tugged the hearts of many

It is undeniable that a lot of Filipino netizens were able to relate to Joy’s  OFW short film. This video really tugged the hearts of many and it automatically became an avenue for people to share their sentiments and feelings online.

Days after the release of the #ShareAMomentOfJoy series, various reaction videos were published via Youtube and Instagram. Some of these even came from famous Filipino celebrities and vloggers who really experienced what it’s like to have an OFW family member like Maymay Entrata, Michael V., Lloyd Cadena, and Isha Borromeo. It was also very touching when celebrity Maymay Entrata shared her own personal story from having an OFW mother. Lloyd Cadena even became emotional while watching the short film as he remembered how he also wished as a kid that his parents would just stay and be close with him. Meanwhile, Isha Borromeo also had some inspiring realizations both as a mom and as a child of an OFW father after seeing the film. Watch Lloyd’s, Isha’s, and Maymay’s reaction videos through these links:,, and

Aside from these reaction videos, there were also a lot of people who posted stories online. Stories came from those who grew up with OFW parents, former OFWs, siblings, and many more. It was truly moving to read such beautiful sentiments from different kinds of people. Despite their differences, one thing is common among them and that is their love and appreciation for their OFW loved ones who sacrificed their time, effort, and passion for their families.

Of course, it is still also inevitable for Filipinos to see the humor in every situation, which led to memes asking the question, “Bakit kaya laging nanay nasa commercial ng Joy and tayong mga anak naman laging naghuhugas?” At times like this, you’ll just really be amazed with the wit and creativity that Filipinos have.

Seize every moment with your loved ones

What people don’t know is that sometimes the best bonding moments happen when you least expect it to. When dinner ends, real conversations start. Often, real conversations occur when people are relaxed and comfortable. It can even take place in the simplest of tasks like washing dishes where people can comfortably stand side by side with their walls a little down.

Joy Daughter film
Joy Daughter film

“We as a brand want to salute real modern day heroes by creating an avenue for them to reconnect and rebuild relationships with their families. Our goal is to show how a mundane task like washing dishes can be a way for two people to deal with the troubles of their hearts. By doing this, we truly hope everyone can willingly share a moment of joy with their families this holiday season.” said Michael Jonathan Biscocho, Brand Manager P&G Asia Pacific, Dish Care category.

Joy’s OFW short film series is a truly heartwarming watch for everyone. Watch the two videos, and continue to inspire others with your own stories of meaningful conversations by using the hashtag #ShareAMomentOfJoy. Visit these links to know more about these short films too: and

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